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Literally On the Edge

Located on the Pacific Ocean in the artists’ colony of Laguna Beach, California, Third Street Review lives on the edge, both literally and figuratively. California has always been synonymous with exploration and innovation and, in creative expression, with boundary expansion and the dynamic re-invention of artistic forms. Third Street Review is no different. Share your best writing and visual art. We welcome traditional formats as well as pieces that push boundaries, embrace experimentation, and reflect artistic excellence.

Click the button below for submissions guidelines and to submit your work.


Third Street Review Masthead

Editor-in-Chief             Executive Editor

Rina Palumbo                    Theresa Keegan

Fiction Editors              Production and Design
Amy Dechary                      Jennifer Griffiths
Rina Palumbo        

Nonfiction Editors          Business Gurus

Theresa Keegan                 Steve Fayne
Marrie Stone                       Dennis Piszkiewicz

Poetry Editor

Ellen Girardeau Kempler


Art & Photography Editor

Jennifer Griffiths

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