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Third Street partners with Stu News to create community column REVEALING LAGUNA BEACH MOMENTS 

Capturing moments in our lives - funny, poignant, sad, insightful - establishes our shared humanity. Third Street is encouraging people to share their Laguna Beach experiences with the readers of Stu News in a weekly column that will run throughout 2021 From Laguna with Love.

This project seeks to connect the diverse, amazing wonderful Laguna Beach community and to reveal life here is not always beautiful sunsets on pristine beaches - although we are thankful to have that as part of our landscape. Through words and photographs we'll tell our stories. 

Public contributions from all ages, and walks of life are encouraged - just make sure they reflect something about Laguna Beach. Please see our submitting guidelines or contact president Amy Dechary at for more information. 

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Third Street Writers, based in Laguna Beach California, is dedicated to fostering the development of new and veteran writers by providing opportunities to study, produce, and showcase literature. In addition to individual projects, Third Street Writers sponsors writing workshops, public reading events and community outreach. Further to supporting and promoting these individual and group endeavors, Third Street Writers strives to create a dynamic center to link with other artistic communities in Laguna Beach and Orange County.


Our weekly meetings are open to all experienced writers. The gatherings include writing exercises, motivational tools and an opportunity for writers to receive feedback on their work in a structured, supportive setting from veteran writers. 

Due to COVID-19, we currently are holding our workshop via videoconference every Monday 10AM-1PM.

Please contact Amy Dechary at for more information.



We are thrilled that our organization's newest anthology Beach Reads: Adrift has been published in September 2020.  It is now available for purchase at Laguna Beach Books or via Amazon. 

Due to COVID restrictions we are not able to host our popular launch party at Laguna Beach books. However, please enjoy listening to some authors read their selected stories by clicking on the video to the left. 

Purchase your copy on amazon

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For the last eight years, our "Holiday Digest" collection of holiday-themed essays, stories and poems has become a beloved local tradition.

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